GO-D Education & Business.
Introduction GO-D Education

GO-D means for Gifted Owner of Diversity.

The school is not yet operational. GO-D Education is linked to the GO-D Business company.

GO-D Education is the form of education, a source of education, where the teachers and supervisors can and may come into their own. Talent promotes talent.

The regular education does not have the means and the knowledge to guide this new generation in an educational way.

Students start doubting their own development and then under perform.

GO-D Education offers talented students a thorough education with involvement of the parents.

The children and adults act from their vision, fantasy / feeling and thinking ability. This is called talent. These children can be 'sensitive' talented.

Recognition of a talented talent:

Not wanting to go to school, nightmare, fatigue, being pale, headaches, abdominal pain, allergies, tensions, nervousness, not feeling safe, incomprehension (why do not people understand us), lack of (self) trust, insecurity and fear of failure (by physical and mental) spiritual oppression) (not only by children but often also by adults), not looking at people or giving a hand, becoming stiff and inhibited.

The qualities of these pupils in an organization can be: creativity (out of the box), associative, visual intellectual, process-oriented, eye for detail and the big line, sense of justice and an eye for people in business. Great sense of responsibility.

The supervisors of these children are rare or they do not dare to come out. Usually in regular education one does not get the chance to develop through too many rules.