GO-->D Education & Business.
Introduction GO-->D Education

GO --> D means Gifted Owner of Diversity. 
Gifted focuses on talent promotes talent education. 
The school is not yet operative. GO --> D Education is linked to the company GO --> D Business.
GO --> D Education is the teaching, the source of education, where teachers and counselors come into their own.
Formal education does not have the resources and the knowledge to guide educational this new generation well. 

Students begin to doubt their own development and therefore will perform under.

GO --> D Education offers talented students a solid education with close parental involvement. 
Children and adults act out their vision, imagination / feeling and thinking. This is called talent. Those children may be "sensitive" are talented. 

Recognition of a gifted talent:

Not wanting to go to school, nightmare, fatigue, pallor, headache, abdominal pain, allergies, stress, nervousness, feeling safe, incomprehension (why people do not understand us) lack of (self-) confidence, uncertainty and anxiety (by physical and spiritual oppression) also by adults, not look at people, shake hands, stiffen and feel inhibited. 

The qualities of these pupils in an organization can be: creative (out of the box), associative, visual intellectual, process-oriented, attention to detail, sense of justice, responsibility and attention to the man in the business. 

The supervisors of these children are scarce or do not dare to come out. In regular education one gets, by the many rules, not the chance to develop.